​If I saw you then thought of the stars, am I in love with you or the stars? 

And If the stars knew they’re being compared to you, would they be blushed and flustered. 



She is the night sky while  I am one of the oceans. 

Incomprehensible beauty, she is, housing stars and holding up the sun for the blessing of others

Unbounded intelect, she have, but the sky worries alot disguising  the rain for blessing, while she tries to mend her broken state of mind behind the dark clouds. 
In solitary, the way the sky prefer. A truly heart breaking Idea, that you need to be alone to be happy

-Part 1-

Say it

​​Say it, just say it.  

My limbs are weak from trying to reach you. My body moves in languages only you can speak in. My heart aches for your touch while I’m sleeping. I feel you move and distance is worth keeping.

I couldn’t be on your mind like I needed. Your illusive eyes kept pulling me into your illusion. My mind aches for your love when I’m sleeping. You always leave and distance is worth keeping.

  Is it that you can’t  hear me clearly. I thought that I would matter dearly. So why won’t you just say it And take me out of my own head.

You say that I smell with fear when I come around. I’m not a ghost of that bones breathing underground ringing in your head. I’m in your mind.

Take me out of my own head


Woke up with terror in my eyes. 
And the inability to sleep afterwards, 

I dont know which is scarier.

You and the nightmares 


The fact that you’ll never be in my dream again.