The Dark Man

If come across this, You still care. 

Maybe I was shallow,
A shell nothing but hollow.
Searching for god who was never there,
And, Contemplating suicide becomes just and fair.
I was once just a kid,
grew up broken,
unable to heal, unable to harm,
At nights,  its not the nightmare that kills,
Its the guy In it.
He scourge, He scorch my heart
Yet He seemed to part
He was apart I kept shut,
No one knows, he’s just monster I made up.

Slow He began His journey,
Corrupting, misleading, he became malevolent,
At last, no dream is safe again.
Now, even reveries are becoming tainted. 

Unable to believe,
I seek for Someone who’s pure, one he cant deceive. 
Yet she didn’t understand,
how her eyes made Him mad
And, her smile feuled His madness.

She said dont you ever leave me again.
He once said I will love you to the fullest.
he kept to those, until
She stopped believing,
Until he’s broke and unable to change,
She said nothing when
The dark man came and took him away.


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